At Amalgam-Free Dental, a dental services business based in Canberra, we believe that our patients should be able to receive all of their dental care in one location. When a child starts going to a dentist for preventive or aesthetic dentistry, or when an adult returns to the dental care sphere after years away from it for restorative care, they form a connection with their dentist that goes beyond the traditional relationship shared between a customer and a professional. For many people, a dentist becomes a trusted confidante.

It’s not just about the dental care, but also about what the dental care signifies. Beautiful smiles are more than just beautiful smiles: in many ways, they are a key to confidence, a password for social interaction and a means by which people find success and happiness in their lives. By helping to pave the way for these important life milestones and memories, a dentist can become a part of a person’s life in an important and unforgettable way.

For these reasons and many more, we believe at Shine Dentists that patients should be able to continue to work with the dental service professionals for as long as possible. With this goal in mind, we have aimed to diversify the talents of our staff as much as possible – all in an effort to turn Shine Dentists into a hub or a sort of ‘one stop shop’ for dental services in Canberra. From childhood dentistry all the way through to dental surgery and orthodontics, we help to take our patients through every step of the dental care process, all with a strong dentist-patient relationship – and of course, a beautiful smile – in mind.

Shine Dentists Joins Patients on the Journey through Dental Services in Canberra

So how does it all start? At Amalgam-Free Dental, we take each day at a time, always looking forward to working with our first-time patients, are long-time veterans and everyone in between. In order to show our dedication and friendliness from the very first note of our patient interactions, we give our first-time visitors a 15 per cent discount on their first check-up or procedure. This promotion is there to help us lay a groundwork of trust and partnership with our new patients – two ideals that we like to think thoroughly define the tenor of the business persona that we put forth everyday. Whether patients are looking for dental surgery or dental implants in Canberra or just need a routine check-up, there’s a reason that Shine Dentists is one of the most trusted names for handling first-timers.

After the first visit, our patients’ dental care needs continue to diverge. Some kids we work with, for instance, never need more than routine check-ups and teeth cleaning. Others require dental implants for fractured or knocked out teeth, while many demand a Canberra dental surgery in the form of orthodontic braces to straighten teeth and address any issues with overbite or under bite. Through dental imaging and consistent consultations among our staff, we are able to map out a dental care map that suits each of our patients’ individual needs – all so our patients can continue working with the same staff of talented and friendly dental professionals for the entirety of their dental care progression. From dental implants and dental surgery to dental imaging, Canberra’s Shine Dentists is quite simply second to none.