What is the most important thing to look for in a dentist? Is it education and experience? Accreditation? The ability to handle the widest possible range of procedures and services? Or are the best dental care offices defined by friendly staff members who can become a part of your family and help you or your child to achieve the most beautiful smile possible?

At Amalgam-Free Dental, a dentist that serves patients from Dickson, Kaleen, Belconnen and Ngunnawal (to name a few) – all from its spacious home office in Gunghalin – customers will never have to choose just one of the desirable qualities listed above. This is because the staff at Amalgam-Free Dental, a team of eight professional dentists and 18 supporting staff workers, has long made it an effort to be the dental care outfit that focuses on every different aspect of the equation.

We understand that customers looking for a new dentist in Kaleen or Dickson might have a different set of dental priorities than a patient looking for a dentist in Belconnen or Ngunnawal. A huge number of different services and procedures are contained under the simple umbrella of ‘dental care,’ and at Amalgam-Free Dental, we know that the versatility of what we do means that our patients are consistently coming to us looking for different – and often, wholly unique – things.

For instance, some of the patients we see at Shine Dentists may just be looking for a dentist that can perform a routine check-up in Dickson or Belconnen. Other patients contact us because they are looking for a dentist near Ngunnawal that can handle a complicated or emergency dental procedure. We open our doors and our arms to patients that fit into both of these groups, as well as to patients looking for one of the many other services we provide. From preventative or restorative dentistry to wisdom teeth extractions or root canals, our service list runs the gamut of any and all dental specialties. In short, no matter what patients are looking for, at Amalgam-Free Dental, we can guarantee that their teeth are always in good hands.

Shine Dentists Offers Special Dentist Promotions to Dickson, Kaleen, Belconnen and Ngunnawal

In addition to boasting a comprehensive list of available dental services, Shine Dentists offers a few perks and promotions that we are hopeful will help bring patients to our doors and prove to them how much we care about great customer service and stellar dentistry. For instance, we offer a 15 percent off deal to all of our first-time patients, so that customers can come in and get a basic check-up or introductory procedure for a more affordable rate than they are likely to find anywhere else.

We also offer Phillip Brand Zoom Tooth whitening procedures, on the spot, for only $450, so that patients can leave with their pearly whites looking pearlier and whiter in no time. Finally, we are open six days a week (Monday through Saturday), from 8:00 a.m. until late, all to make sure that our patients have time to schedule appointments with us that don’t conflict with their busy schedules.