Shine Dentists the Most Accredited and Acclaimed Gungahlin Dentist

The Gungahlin Dentist of Choice

At Shine Dentists, we have been providing high-quality dental services to the citizens of Gungahlin for years. We are proud to boast a staff that includes eight of the finest dentists in the Gungahlin area. With a group that collectively has over 50 years of dental experience under their belts, we can handle any and all dental care cases that arise with our patients. Previously named Amalgam Free Dental Care, we are proud to be a leading Canberra dentists and a local dentist to Gungahlin.

In addition to our dentists within our dental clinic, our team is rounded out by 18 supporting staff members. All of whom bring their talents and positive dispositions to our offices every day. Quite simply, patients find Shine Dentists to be a safe and welcoming environment.Our staff is such a web of interlocking friendliness and expertise.

If our skilled staff is the reason that our patients repeatedly come back to Shine Dentists, however, then the reason why they come to us in the first place is the glowing reputation that we have as a dentist in Gungahlin. Word of mouth about our staff and our high-quality services has made us one of the most acclaimed and in demand dental offices, both in Gungahlin and beyond.

Most Acclaimed and Decorated Gungahlin Dentist

Furthermore, we are also one of the most decorated and accredited dental offices in the Canberra area. We are long-time members of both the Australian Dental Association and the Australian Dental Board. Further, we have also repeatedly been recognised by other high-ranking dental organisations as one of the most exemplary of all Gungahlin dentists.

For instance, Shine Dentist first dentist in the Gungahlin region to achieve recognition under the brand new 2013 Modern Practice Accreditation System. This accomplishment speaks greatly to our practice’s efforts to adhere to every measure listed in the Modern National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. We consider ourselves a dental practice that goes above and beyond in meeting industry regulations and superlatives, and we like to think that our patients and customers will see our Modern Practice accreditation and know that they are in great hands when they come into our offices. Whether it’s for a routine check-up or an emergency dental procedure, we are always looking to help.

Convenience and Customer Service Hallmarks of Shine Dentists in Gungahlin

In addition to professional accreditations, Shine Dentists is one of the most notable dentists in Gungahlin. This is in large due to its overall customer service and sheer patient convenience. Located in the Gungahlin Town Center, Shine Dentists is easily accessible from all parts of town. As such, dental check-ups can be scheduled so as to present minimal disruption to school or work schedules. Our dentists even welcome emergency cases and strive to fit them in throughout the day in a timely and considerate fashion. Beyond this, our range of services is extremely broad, our Gungahlin dentist even over cosmetic dental services.

Finally, Shine Dentists is one of the only Gunghalin dentists that is preferred for patients who are a part of private health funds. We are partnered with names like BUPA, Medibank Private, HCF or CBHS. We can quickly accept payments from private health funds, meaning patients are not left waiting for their insurance to clear.

Some of our Preferred Network Providers:

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