Dr Weimin Nicolyn Tan

wntanI was trained at the University of Sydney and obtained a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. I was born and raised in Singapore and moved to Australia 10 years ago. Dentistry has always fascinated me, even as a child and adult. That’s because it is such an emotional topic – people fear and dread visits to the dentist because of the sounds, sensations and costs involved. I enjoy interacting with patients and debunking myths about dentistry being an unpleasant and painful experience. I work in the country part time and enjoy practising dentistry in the city and in the country, as I believe it allows me to have a balanced range of experiences. I truly enjoy working with patients of all ages but children hold a special interest for me. I can also converse in Mandarin and welcome patients of all backgrounds to experience dentistry in a gentle, pain-free and stress free environment.